Rahul Vaidya released the music video of the song Aly on Thursday, May 27. The song was written by the singer’s Bigg Boss 14 co-contestants Rakhi Sawant and Aly Goni. He has composed the music. Rahul dedicated the track to Aly and his girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin’s love story.

The video starts with Rahul seated solo in an empty studio, with a guitar in his hand and singing the song. The video goes on to feature abundant memorable moments of the four contestants from Bigg Boss 14. After the song ended, Rahul revealed the story behind the track. He said that the song was composed when Rahul and Aly were chastised in an episode of the reality show. During their time in the jail, Aly couldn’t stop looking at Jasmin. At the time, Rakhi said, “Teri aankein mujh hai judi, meri aankein tujh se hai mili.” The lines inspired Rahul to compose the song.

Aly Goni reacted to the song by dipping some heart emojis. The singer’s girlfriend Disha Parmar also expressed her excitement for the song. Bigg Boss 13 contestants Rashami Desai and Shefali Bagga also poured in some love on the poster of the track. This will unavoidably be a huge delight for the fans of Rahul as well as Aly and Jasmin.

Meanwhile talking about Rahul Vaidya’s friendship with Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin, the trio shared a wonderful camaraderie on the show. Do listen to the song and reprise your memory of BB14.

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