We were all admiration for Karan Johar when he graciously hosted Kangana Ranaut on his Koffee chat show. We call it gracious because Kangana as usual was speaking her mind without any filters. She accused KJo of not treating her good, of making fun of her with his filmi girly pals, and of being the flagbearer of nepotism in Bollywood. Being accused of these things on his own show must have hurt! This is why we admire him for his grace in dealing with all these accusations.

But now things have changed. It seems that Karan does not want to be gracious any more. He has said that he is sick and tired of Kangana playing the victim card all the time. He has even said that if she feels like this, she should quit the movie industry. Star kids born with silver ladles in their mouths like Sonam, Alia Bhatt and Sonakshi Sinha have also rubbished the accusations of nepotism in Bollywood, saying that they have had to work hard like everybody else.

What is your take on this controversy? Is Kangana playing the victim card, or is Bollywood really guilty of nepotism?

A very simple way to answer this question for yourself: Imagine you wish to make a debut in Bollywood (or one of your kids does). Now try to compare the easy or difficulty of doing so, with what a star kid goes through to make his or her debut. Hope this answers the question. Now coming to accusation that KJo is Bollywood’s flagbearer of nepotism, KJo can hardly deny this when he is guilty of launching many star kids in his films! All his big films are made only with big names, usually all his friends. So exactly where was Kangy wrong when she made these accusations?

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Lavanya Mehra


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