Young actor Zaira Wasim has announced her decision to quit her acting career. In a long post on her Instagram, Zaira announced this decision. Her explanation for this decision was woven around her faith and religon. She says that acting interfered with her religion and she felt that there was no barkat left. She felt acting took her on a path of ignorance and took her away from imaan.

Strong words, right?

Many people have expressed support and empathy for the young girl. But many people are also expressing anger. Many people from within Bollywood have expressed shock at the way in which Zaira announced her decision.

Raveen Tondon posted a scathing message about this post, saying “I standby and love my industry,all the opportunities it gives to everyone. Exit is your choice,reason,by all means.Just do not demean it for everyone else.The industry where all work shoulder to shoulder,no differences,caste,religion or where you come from. #Respect #indianfilms

What is your opinion about Zaira’s decision and her post on Instagram?

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Lavanya Mehra


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