When Diandra Soares got evicted last evening, it came as a shock to everyone. Diandra was considered by everyone as the strongest candidate for winning Bigg Boss 8. Her no-nonsense attitude, real persona and easygoing nature had won her many fans. She came across as a sensible, intelligent and nice person even though her best friend in the house, Karishma comes across as totally the opposite.

But more shocking than Diandra’s eviction, is the rumour that she has been thrown out coz she got pregnant!

It is no news to anyone who watches Bigg Boss that Diandra and Gautam were close. Their closeness often took them to the washroom areas in search for privacy. It has been insinuated often that things were getting out of control between these two, we have seen them kissing on TV. So when last week Di wasn’t feeling well and had to be taken to a hospital, it was reported that she was pregnant.

Diandra has denied this report, saying that kissing doesn’t lead to pregnancy. But this is one controversy that will haunt Bigg Boss for a long time!

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