Evergreen actor and film maker Dev Anand’s last rites will be performed today at 11.40am at the Putney Vale Crematorium in London. The funeral will be followed by an memorial service at 2pm today at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in West London. Later his ashes will be flown to India for a memorial ceremony that will be held at the Mehboob Studio in Mumbai on December 15.

The Legendary actor died after a cardian arrest at the Washington Hotel in London on Sunday at the age of 88. His son Suniel Anand was with him during his last days.

The family of Dev Anand are moved and touched by the outpouring of grief from his fans across the globe.

“Passing of such an amazing man was really shocking. He was not only a legend, he was an incredible family man. He did so much for so many people,” Suniel Added.

“I will continue to revive his films. His legacy will continue.” He mentioned that he is considering to complete the actor’s last project “Song of Life – a musical love story.”

Dev Anand was planning to shoot the musical love story “Song of Life” in the UK, USA, Europe and India.

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