Ranveer Singh says that his wife Deepika Padukone is his creative bouncing board. She’s also his biggest critic, which helps him work better and be the best. Exploding with boundless energy and swag, the dapper actor announced his television debut with ‘The Big Picture’, a quiz show, here on Wednesday. When asked whether Deepika helped him with inputs and urged him to take up the TV project, Ranveer beamed with pride and said, “She raised really good points about the quizzes, and I took those inputs into consideration and tried to imbibe them. I am really grateful that I have such a sharp mind as a partner.

She improves my work by giving me constructive criticism; I have her as my creative bouncing board. Often, we discuss our work, her work and my work as well.”

Dressed in a purple velvet coat, teamed with crisp white shirt and grey trousers, and brimming over with a million-dollar confidence, Ranveer wowed the audience with his energy.

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