What’s happening in B-town is always a gossip news in all around the country. The recent bondage of Deepika with ex-boyfriend Ranbir’s mother has inked a new fire in the recent headlines.

It’s common that many celebrities bond during award functions but it was very uncommon to see Deepika sharing a special moment with Neetu Kapoor. The bondage has made many people talking about her being back in Ranbir’s life. We all know that Deepika shares a past with Ranbir and now seeing her with her exes mother makes us wonder about her relationship with Ranbir. Is Deepika still have some soft corner for Ranbir or is it just casual conversations shared between the two women in Ranbir’s life?

To just refresh your memories Deepika and Ranbir were in a serious relationship for more than three long years and they broke up in a very bitter way that even made Deepika go into depression. It was a news back in time that Ranbir’s father Rishi Kapoor did not approve of his relationship with Deepika, but his mother Neetu Kapoor was fond of her that’s the reason both broke up and moved in their separate ways.

But now it seems like Neetu Kapoor’s affection towards Deepika has only grown in years, and a substantial evidence of the same was HT Awards, where the two were clicked bonding big time. They were captured by the cameras while being immersed in some deep discussion.

We wonder what the two were exchanging thoughts about but we would wish if Deepika will be back in Ranbir’s life as we all know that the on-screen chemistry of the two is as strong as their off screen.


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