Did you hear that? First it was Shah Rukh Khan who created history by becoming the first Indian actor to ask for a crore for a film. But that was long, long time ago.

Later, when Aishwarya Rai asked for the wooping amount, she made headlines by becoming the first Indian actress to touch the one crore mark.

And now, there is a minor demanding this price for his performance!!!

The 11-year-old boy, Darsheel Safary is reportedly asking for Rs.1 crore to act in a film!

After the brilliant performance in Tare Zameen Par, a few racks full of awards and unending appreciation and paparazzi, the boy is jumping up the ladder of success. Offers have been pouring on to him. Be it commercials, special guest for parties or events, fashion shows or big and small budgeted films, he is attracting them all!

But this talented little boy is taking it his way. He is pretty choosy about his films, the criteria, to a great extent, being his co-stars! Reports say that he is giving preference to big-budgeted movies with big stars like Hritik Roshan and Aamir Khan! Can you beat that?

In fact recently, he declined a role by filmmaker Nikhil Panchammiya in his movie Mastang Mama for this reason. But of course, along with the star value attached to the movie, Darsheel also takes into consideration its monetary value! No doubt, the child artist has been asking for a crore for a movie!

According to the sources, the filmmaker who approached him, couldn’t afford the exorbitant price and signed another kid, Tanay Chedawho, who played Darsheel’s friend – the boy on his crutches in TZP, for his film.

As for Darsheel, this is what he keeps repeating to the media, “…I am not doing anything now (movies) as I don’t want to miss school anymore.” So, was the great price-quote just a way of turning down a good offer?

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