So what if beautiful, aromatic, colourful gardens are becoming a thing of the past. Science has a replacement for every natural thing! When your house craves for the sweet scented open greens, the market introduced air fresheners. When you clothes smell of damp, indoor drying, washing power companies innovate their scented versions. And when the smell of mosquito repellents disrupt the sleeps of people more than mosquitoes themselves, companies add artificial fragrance to these chemicals too!

Fragrances may give you instant relief from the unwanted smells, and keep your home, car or clothes smelling good, but most of them are harmful to your health in the long run. Yes, continuous use of scents can cause a threat of cancer respiratory, reproductive, neurological and other such problems! Most of the artificial aromas you use have harmful chemicals that pollute the air and enter your body through your nostrils.

What’s worse is that you can never make out from the product’s label as to whether it contains these chemicals or not. Manufacturers of detergents, laundry sheets and air fresheners are not required to list all of their ingredients on their labels. They use this to their advantage and mention only hose ingredients that are not harmful.

Sadly, there is also no escape from these chemicals. Even if you take care not to use any product that has artificial fragrances, you are exposed to many different forms of these chemicals unknowingly. From hotels rooms and restaurants to laundry fresheners and mosquito repellents, these chemicals easily find their way into your life!

In fact certain products that appear odour free actually use counter-scents to nullify the effects of their own odour. This is even more dangerous as you never realise when and in what quantity is your body taking in the chemicals.

The best way to stay away from the effects of these chemicals is to stop using products with artificial fragrances at your level. You can’t really change the way the aviation and hospitality industry uses these chemicals, but you can try your best and keep your little kids away from these artificial fragrances, being used everywhere.

A good way to do so is to avoid using hotel towels and using laundry services at a hotel. Cover your nose and mouth when you enter your hotel room and keep the door open for a while t reduce the effect of the room freshener. When the scent weakens, you can uncover and close the room.

The best precaution is awareness. Say aware and protect your family from the unwanted chemicals of unnecessary artificial fragrances.

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