You think that finding a new job is a tough thing to do. It is so stressful to meet up with placement consultants, send out job applications, and finally appear for the personal interviews. But even more stressful is the wait for that call, which shall hopefully announce that you have been selected! It really feels so great to land a new job, doesn’t it?

But what after that? Is getting the job you wanted the end of your stressful struggles? Not really. It is only the beginning! After you land the new job, you have a lot of expectations to deal with. You have standards to measure up to, and hopefully exceed. You have targets to achieve and a lot to prove. What’s more, you will also come face to face with many people wanting to bring you down. So how do you make a good impression at your new job?

How To Make A Good Impression At Your New Job?

We have put together a few pointers for you, that will only point out what is plain old common sense. Take care of these little things, and you will sail through the first few months of your new job with nothing less than flying colors.

Look Professional: People will treat you in accordance with how they percieve you. So looks are an important basis of the first impression you create. Remember, you will be introduced to many new people, clients, juniors, seniors etc in your first few weeks at work. So even if your company has a casual attire culture on weekends, you should always be perfectly groomed and presentable with professional dressing.

Name-Calling: As you are introduced to your new coworkers, try to memorize their names as quickly as possible. Addressing someone by his/her name makes a favorable impression. Try using associative memory techniques to successfully remember as many names as possible. This will help you in building relationships quickly.

Spend Extra Time: This is probably the best way to gain a positive reputation at your new job. Make sure that you ALWAYS report for work 10 minutes before the starting time. Also, NEVER leave as soon as it is time to pack up. Stay late, and try to leave AFTER most of your coworkers have already left. This rule is bound to get you into good books of your superiors.

Avoid Politics: You will find many people who are referred to as the Office gossips. These are the nosey peope who know everything about everyone and make sure that everyone else knows this. They bitch about the bosses and gossip about alleged romantic link ups at work. Steer clear of such people and make sure that you are NOT seen as one of them. Also, avoid getting involved in the office politics for as long as possible.

Appreciate Others: If you wish to be liked and respected, show the same behavior towards other people. Express your gratitude and appreciation for everyone who has helped you in learning the ropes. From the receptionist to the HR guys to your immediate team members, appreciate everyone for their help.

Be Proactive: Look for opportunities to take initiative and start new things. Don’t satisfy yourself with doing what you are asked to do. Try to sign up for more than what you are told.

All this is plain common sense, as we have already mentioned. But these little things can make a big difference to your work life and career advancement. Good Luck with your new job!

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