While one movie is an out and out action thriller the other one promises to be a rib-tickling comedy! While one movie has death defying stunts and out of the world action scenes the other one relies on the lead actors’ histronics and witty one liners! Yes, we are talking about none other than ‘Commando’ versus ‘Nautanki Saala’. The two movies which released this weekend were in straight competition with each other, each one vying for the audiences’ attention.

The critics have given a thumbs up to both the movies. Both belong to different genres. Memsaab brings to you the box office collection of both the movies and which one fared better! On Friday, ‘Commando’ collected Rs. 3.69 crores, while ‘Nautanki Saala’ opened to Rs. 3.25 crores. First day went to ‘Commando’.

Saturday saw a slight dip in the box office collection for the action thriller what with ‘Commando’ collecting Rs. 3.39 crores while ‘Nautanki Saala’ managed Rs. 4 crores. Second day clearly belonged to Ayushman. While Vidyut’s movie is seeing better footfalls in single screen theatres, Ayushman’s movies clearly dominates the multiplexes where it is seeing far better collections. 

But it is Sunday which will decide who is the winner! For now, both movies are in a neck-to-neck race. We at Memsaab can only say ‘Commando’ or ‘Nautanki Saala’, it is Bollywood that wins if both movies strike it rich at the Box office.

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