Cocktail is a movie of friendships, love and the emotions that come along with it. It is a Gen X movie which the young and the young at heart will definitely enjoy. The songs have already become chartbusters what with “Tum Hi Ho Bandhu” rocking the charts. The threesome – Saif, Deepika and Diana are looking good, young and the promos give us a feeling of freshness. So how is the movie you may ask? Well Read on..

Veronica (Deepika) and Meera (Diana) are close knit friends. Veroncia is the rich spoilt brat and Meera is the plain Jane next door. Enters Gautam (Saif) as the flirty casanova guy. The first half is breezy and full of banter between the three principal characters. The humor is engaging and the dialogs are witty and fun. Saif’s mother played by Dimple Kapadia is engaging. The casanova and the rich brat girl get into a no commitment relationship while the plain Jane warily but slowly falls in love with the Casanova. The Casanova also loves Plain Jane.

We will not spoil the movie for you by telling you everything. Suffice to say, that the movie is full of fun and if you are looking for a weekend of a good timepass move, then “Cocktail” is the movie for you. One word for Deepika though – This is perhaps her best performance till date and she is looking really hot! Watch out for her in the itsy bitsy red bikini where she is sets the screen on fire!

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