No, there is no mistake in the title! Chetab Bhagat has done what’s never been done before. He has indeed released a trailer for his new book. Usually you would expect trailers to be released for upcoming films, but Chetan really wants you to buy and read his new book, so he has released a trailer for the book!

The book is titled ‘The Girl in Room 105’. This story is about a boy from IIT (Chetan doesn’t know much else, does he?) and a Kashmiri girl. If you think you have already seen this scenario, there is lots more. The story is not about falling in love, it is about falling out of love. There is a suicide, RSS angle and police chase to up the masala factor!

It definitely seems like Chetan is directly writing Bollywood films now. Saves a lot of extra effort, right?

Check out the trailer in the video attached!

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