Luck can come to you in any form from precious stones, to specific Kharacters to specially designed shoes!

Yes! The latest addition to the world of astrological instruments is Astrological Shoes!

Famous shoe designer, Swati Mehrotra, has come up with a range of shoes that are designed according to your zodiac sign. They are said to influence your stars and bend your luck in your favour!

The designer has been designing customised shoes under the label SWATI MODO, and astrological shoes is the latest addition to her collection.

She says, “My zodiac shoes comprise my retail collection. These are based on the 12 sun signs and are developed on the basis of chromopathy – that is healing with colour. For example, green for Virgo, red for Scorpio, gold for Leo etc.”

Sumit Kumar Hinduja, one of Mehrotra’s consultants adds, “Whatever things have been done for people in terms of using astrology has been done above the waist till now. But people did not realize that their feet are the base and so even that area needs to be taken care of.

Mehrotra’s collection comprises of 24 pairs of shoes – 12 each for men and women pertaining to each zodiac sign. These shoes have been made in a synthetic material instead of leather as leather is cnsidered inauspicious.

But if you thought that luck will get any economical to get by the introduction of ‘shoes’ that may work in place of the very expensive stones, you are wrong! Unfortunately, lady luck will still shine on the upper crust, that already has enough of it! Those who really need some luck still can’t afford these highly priced designer shoes, the price range of which starts from Rs.8000.

The designer’s range also offers custom-made shoes tailored according to your astrological background.

The unpredictability of the future is such that we try every possible way to get a hold of it! After rings, pendants and colours, now even shoes have joined the league of astronomical applications!

Maybe now you wont have to search for a lucky dress in your wardrobe, your shoes will always be lucky for you!

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