The bahus of Colors TV have made their way back into the Bigg Boss house. After being eliminated by popular vote verdict, Rashmi Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharya have beenbrought back into the Bigg Boss house. Clearly, the makers of this show have no respect for what audience wants!

As the evicted bahus reappeared in the house, different housemates had different reactions. On one hand, Sidharth simply walked away and expressed his disinterest. Mahira and Paras jumped with joy after seeing the members of their group back in the house. With Arhaan and Khesri siding with group Paras, once again this group has majority in the Bigg Boss house. Once again Sidharth and Asim are outnumbered. But it seems like Aarti is also following Sana’s footsteps, joining the bigger gang!

Hindustani Bhau had said that Aarti is “jidhar wajan, udhar bhajan”. It seems like Aarti is proving this to be true! But audience loves Sidharth and nominations will not change anything for Sid!

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