Every day we wake up to find that the COVID cases in India are on a decline. Some days see a minor rise, but mostly we see a steady decline, and this puts our minds to rest. But look around the world – USA is seeing over 200,000 new cases in a day. UK is seeing over 55000 cases in a day ; and these countries have a much smaller population and density of population as compared to India. So do we have a guarantee that another wave of COVID will not be unleashed on us? No, we do not! In fact, it takes only a week to completely turn the situation from bad to worse to ugly.

This is why the central government has urged state governments to decide on New Year celebration restrictions and many states have already announced their rules. More importantly, this is why we all have a collective responsibility to still be careful. If you are having a party, try to keep the numbers as low as possible. Find out if your state government allows you to have a social gathering or not. There are some avenues of enjoying online too. For example Google is hosting ‘Hello 2021 India’ – a virtual New Year’s Party on Youtube. Join in with your friends and family for a blast! Or have a simple celebration at home with your family this year. Together we can beat the pandemic, don’t give up!

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Lavanya Mehra


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