So what if you are single? You can still have as much fun on the New Year eve as all the couples you envy!

Celebrating your New Year with your family and friends is not such a bad idea. After all a few years ago, they were the ones who had made it so special for you on such occasions!

And the best part about celebrating such time with family and friends is that that are more than willing to listen to you and do things according to your wish!

For this New Year, organise a grand party and have a blast with your loved ones! Once you get into the party mood, you will not miss a partner anymore!

Let the party mood begin a few days before…

Start with creating your guest list. Think of all those you have the best of times with. Close friends, cousins… even neighbours! Think of how much fun you can have together!

Now, think of what you enjoy doing the most. It could be a musical dance night, a silly game, gossip or just freaking out together! Talk to your friends and cousins to ask about their party ideas. They might have something exciting in mind! Would you like to go to a far off farm house to enjoy the beautiful night or would you love to rock ‘n’ roll at a party at home?

Once you have decided what you want to do on the New Year eve, make a plan. Determine what kind of dishes will you have and what beverages will you served. Decide on the music and plan some mischievous games. You may decide on a theme for the party to make it more exciting or plan out a pool-in-party wherein everyone has an equal responsibility to get the party kicking!

Start decorating the venue! If it’s a theme party, think of all the things that you can do with the venue’s interiors. If its not, let your creativity go wild!

Oh! Did you buy a lovely new dress for the occasion? If not, do it right away! Explore the market and shop to your delight for the New Year!

Now, you are ready to have a blast with your dear friends and loved ones! Its time to welcome the New Year and have fun all through the BIG evening! Greet them in and get the party started!

Have a mind blowing New Year!

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