We don’t know much about Ayushman Khurana’s personal life. All we really knew is that he had a love marriage and his wife was a budding film director. But recently we heard that this cute couple had a big health scare.

Tahira Kashyap, Ayushman’s wife, was diagnosed with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in her right breast with high grade malignant cells. In layman’s language, this is a pre-cancerous stage wherein cancer cells start multiplying in a restricted area. Just like Angelina Jolie, Tahira also got a mastectomy done to prevent the spread of cancer. It is not very difficult to imagine what Tahira and Ayushman must have gone through with this health scare.

Here is Tahira’s message to all the women out there: “I want women of all ages to be aware. I am 35, and I was returned twice over from a mammogram. If any symptoms come up, think of it as a protective force and get yourselves examined. Also, we are so obsessed with boobs. This mastectomy has left me with even more self-love! Big, small, left or right inclined, gravity pulling or defying, or even none, each breast the presence or lack of it has a story to tell. Mine has made me a 2.0 version of myself! This post is dedicated to awareness, self-love and resilience of a warrior that I know each one of us possesses❤️ #breastcancerawareness #selflove #determination #faith #bodhisattva #bodhisattvaoftheearth.”

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Lavanya Mehra


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