Hum Tumhe Chahte Hain Aise…
Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye…
Laila Main Laila…
Qurbani Qurbani Qurbani…

These are only a few of the amazing evergreen hit numbers from Feroz Khan’s “Qurbani”. Qurbani was the most popular film of 1980, and rightly so. The music was awesome, the performances were much appreciated, the story held your attention and the direction was superb. Qurbani revived Feroz Khan’s career and brought many people into the limelight. Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor and Amrish Puri were all brought into the forefront of Bollywood with this one film. The exotic locations, superb styling and the notable “x factor” were all responsible for the huge success of Qurbani.

But the question is, can this magic be recreated?

Fardeen Khan has plans of making a sequel to the most popular of his late father’s films. It is said that Feroz Khan had dreamed of making the sequel himself, but was taken down with cancer before he could fulfill his dream. Now his son wants to pay a tribute to the stylish Feroz by fulfilling his ambitious dream. Reportedly, Fardeen is aware of the way Feroz wanted to make the sequel. In fact, Feroz had also approached Saif Ali Khan to play the role essayed by Vinod Khanna decades ago. Of course, Fardeen would have played the role of his father in the sequel. But all these plans were made 2 years ago. So it will take a while for Fardeen to find out if the actors chosen by Feroz are still interested in the project. Also, Fardeen will have to look for a director who can do justice to this ambitious film, which was supposed to be directed by Feroz Khan himself.

Qurbani is the story of sacrifice for friendship. In a world of greed and selfishness, it may be hard to find such stories in real life but wouldn’t it be great to see such virtues extolled on the screen? Fardeen Khan may work really hard at recreating the magic of Qurbani. But it is very difficult to achieve the same success that Qurbani enjoyed. For one, the music remains unmatched till date. Can Fardeen keep up the legacy of his father and once again weave the magic of sacrifice for the audience? What do you think?

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