We may not have dumb blondes in India. But that’s only because there are no blondes in our country!

Everyone knows how dumb some of our celebs really are. But Kangana Ranaut has taken naivety to a completely new height. It is no secret that Kangana’s English language skills are not something for her to be proud of. But that is not a big deal. After all, intelligence and English have no connection.

But Madam Ranaut has the GK of an infant. Recently, at a special screening of Raaz: The Mystery Continues, Kangana surprised and entertained everyone with her GK (or the lack of it)!

After the event, the media persons asked Kangana to leave a message for the viewers on the eve of our Republic Day. While the Hindi version was no problem for the lovely lady, the English version took a little time. It took Kangana more than 5 cuts just to get the simple line, “Hi this is Kangana Ranaut and I wish all my fans a very Happy Republic Day!”

Believe it or not, Kangana was heard asking the journos, “Is it Independence Day or the other one?”

Class I students in our country are taught about the National holidays. Yet, Madam Ranaut seems to have messed them up, somehow!

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