Bipasha Basu met Josh Harnett on the sets of her debut Hollywood film called “Singularity”. As they shared screen space, Bips and Josh hit it off instantly and have been close friends since. Apparently the duo shared a great chemistry onscreen. In her own words, “We started out as accommodating co-stars, but with time Josh and I have become close. We discovered a strong connection the first time around and would hang out often. I had just come out of a long-term relationship, so it was too soon for me to think about dating again. So Josh was a wonderful friend. We have great chemistry in the film. In fact, we sizzle on-screen!”

But is it just an innocent friendship or something more, Bips is not ready to reveal yet. This is what she has to say: “We live in different continents, and that`s a big hurdle when it comes to maintaining friendships. We are extremely fond of each other though, so we instantly reconnected when we met again in London. Very rarely do you meet people who you can trust instantly. Josh is that person to me. It`s a rare friendship and I know it`s forever. We hung out as much as we could in London, and it was fun. Both of us love to eat, so we`d go out often and party hard!”

Bipasha and John Abraham were together for9 years and never tried to hide it from the public or the media. Equally public was their break-up. Now since they have each moved on, why is Bipasha using the “just friends” tag? Any guesses?

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Lavanya Mehra


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