Bigg Boss OTT has been in news for all the possible reasons, be it fights, romance, backstabbing, heartbreaks or just a day filled with fun!! But this time there are a few housemates who have gone beyond nasty!  After the punishment task was announced by Bigg Boss, the housemates nominated Shamita-Raqesh and Pratik-Akshara as the weakest contestants and the two connections had to perform a task called ‘Kohlu Ka Bail’. Both connections had to rotate a machine continuously without any breaks, except for going to the washroom of course, that too one person at a time. 

While the task seemed easy, it certainly was not, Shamita out of nowhere started crying for being targeted as one of the weaker connections in the house.

While Shamita was emotionally low and amidst her punishment task, Nishant passes some comments at the wrong time.

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Nisha Dubey


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