At least one contestant of Season 5, Bigg Boss seems to have hit the jackpot. Even though he did not win the show, Amar Upadhyaya has managed to get his flaining career back on  track finally.

Amar will now be seen in a daily soap on a popular entertainment channel.

Apart from this, Amar has also been cast for the central role in a film about good cops. The film titled Klub Lodhi Road, is based on the story of real life crime fighters of Delhi. The film will give you a realistic peek into the workings of “Special Cell”, the politics involved in fighting crime, inner departmental politics and true incidents from the lives of these crime fighters. Amar will play Surya, the youngest member of this team.

Amar says, “The film reconstructs real encounters of gangsters like Munna Bajrangi, Bunty Gurjar,and Yaseen and also some of the very famous terrorist encounters like Parliament, Ansal Plaza & Batla house. It brings to light the lives of men who bravely handled the parliament attack and solved the case within 24 hours, and is narrated by a witness.”

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