This year’s common man in the Bigg Boss house Kashif Qureshi is not a common man any more. Kashif is now a celebrity in his own right. But sadly, Kashif’s dream run in the Bigg Boss house has come to an end. 

The eviction after second week of season 6 of Bigg Boss was a no-brainer really. Kashif was pitted against Rajeev Paul, who has a big circle of friends and close associates in Bollywood as well as the television media. Kashif’s two week stint in the Bigg Boss house may well become a life long memory for him, but how did others perceive him in the Bigg Boss house? Nobody really seemed to like this common man. Navjot Singh Sidhu was probably the only person who was nice to this young martial artist from Hyderabad.

Now that Rajeev Paul will be seen in the BB house for at least another week, expect more fireworks in the kitchen.

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