You won’t believe it, guys! All the four remaining contestants in the Bigg Boss House have run away!!!

Rahul Mahajan, Raja Chaudhary, Zulfi Syed & Ashutosh Kaushik ran away from the confines of their self-imposed imprisonment in the BB House yesterday. Sources tell us that after the eviction of Monica “Monu” Bedi, the house wore a deserted look sans all females. With no woman to cook and wash for them, the men ended up completely losing their minds.

The lazy slobs that all these four guys are, they asked Bigg Boss to order restaurant food for them. This was shown in yesterday’s episode as well. But probably Bigg Boss did not entertain this request. So the inmates decided to take the matter in their own hands. After all, how many days can one survive on cornflakes and milk?

It has been reported that Rahul Mahajan initiated this rebellion and led the rebels towards one of the high walls. Together, all four of them scaled the wall and ran away. All they said was that they would be back after eating at some restaurant. People in Lonavala saw the four in a market and got the shock of their lives.

Now, the question is whether these guys are really so stupid! They are just one week away from the prize money of Rs. 1 crore. Why would they want to risk that for just one meal? One possibility is that Rahul encouraged the rest of them so that the prize money could go to his girl Monu. Since Monica was the last contestant to be evicted properly, some people think she should be declared the winner.

Another possibility is that this is just a publicity stunt. Probably the creative team of the show asked the inmates to run away. After all, how can they keep the audience interested in the last week of the show, without doing some new nautanki?

More importantly, aren’t the inmates being watched 24/7? How did a crew of 300 people let them “run away”?

All these questions will be answered in the Monday’s episode. Most probably, it’s just a creative gimmick! But the Monday’s episode will be really funny. After all, you will get to see an “always pain ridden and sick” Rahul Mahajan scaling a tall wall!!! Memsaab wonders how his body is coping with the sudden activity….

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