In a first, Bigg Boss season 6 is all set to grow even more exciting compared to the previous seasons. The show has introduced an element of surprise by erecting a village type house just next to the Bigg Boss house. And they have got eliminated contestants to be a part of this village type rustic house. The two eliminated contestants who are back are Dinesh Yadav – the first contestant to get eliminated and Aashka Goradia who was the last to get eliminated, just a day back. Apart from these two, a new contestant Imam Siddique, who is a fashion designer has also joined them. 

Coming back to the ‘Padosi’ house, let us describe it for you. For lighting purposes, the house will be lighted not with tubelights or modern gadgetry but with lanterns and guess what! To communicate with Salman there is a puraane zamaane ka television set! This rustic house has been designed by Leena Chanda, who is the wife of late Sameer Chanda – Art director of movies – Ram Lakhan and Raavan.

To make matters worse for these three contestants, who must be used to a world of luxury, the kitchen in this house will not have a microwave oven, food processor or even a sink to wash the dishes. To rub more salt in their wounds, for water storage, there is a matka and kulhads available for drinking tea. And for cleaning utensils, clothes, there is a six feet deep well that has been created making it tough for the housemates.

There is no air-conditioning in this house and the kitchen has a small gas stove that would compel the contestants to sit down and cook with aluminium and copper utensils. Obviously the existing inmates in the adjoining modern house are completely unaware about this new situation. There are also rumors doing the rounds that Yana Gupta will join these three contestants in the ‘Padosi’ house. So get ready for more action, masala and excitement in the days to come by tuning in to Bigg Boss 6!

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