Update: All our favourite Mahek Chahal finally re-entered Bigg Boss House as the wild card entry. Go Mahek go… Win the contest..

If you thought that Bigg Boss was done with his twists and turns, you are in for a surprise treat. The most awaited wild card voting is about to begin. Bigg Boss (the channel guys really!) has chosen 3 contestants for a vote in spot as this season’s wild card entry.

Mahek Chahal, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and Shonali Nagrani have been chosen for this purpose. The choice is quite obvious. These are the only 3 people who might give us more masala and arguments in the house. We do wonder why Shakti Kapoor and Pooja Mishra have been sidliened though!

We think Mahak will be the one to enter Bigg Boss house again. What do you think?

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