Last night Shonali Nagrani was the one to leave Bigg Boss House. It was a very close call between Shonali and Amar. Amar was the luck one this time. Sid, who was very close to Shonali was very upset to see her going out.

Salman Khan was in the house yesterday to straighten out few things and take class of few people. Definitely he took class of Amar who was wearing a fame “Being Human” T-shirt.

He also chided Sid for making bad remarks about Sky’s age who says he is 35 yrs old. Most of all he was pissed with Sky and he asked him to watch his words when they fight. Even his mom doesn’t like the way they fight in the house and shuts off the TV.

He told Pooja Missra that she has been sent to the house to translate words from Andrew Symonds, but not go off-tangent and create fights in the house.

Salman and Sanjay Dutt teased Sunny Leone on the Vodafone Caller of the Week question that who she would cast in Jism 2 if she had a chance. IN reply she mentioned that the top lead roles will go to Juhi Parmar and Sky. Amar can be the ‘chai-wallah’, shw will use Pooja Missra to dubb her voice and Sonali Nagarani will be an item girl.

With few contestants remaining in the house, Bigg Boss is becoming more interesting day by day now…

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