Bigg Boss 11 is now becoming the most controversial show in the Indian TV history. This season has revealed some real stories which are hard to be captured by media in general. You all must be excited by this week’s nomination. Well, this week there are three contestants nominated and it is hard to say who will get evicted in this Sunday’s weekend ka Vaar.

For your information Luv, Bandagi and Puneesh are among the nominated contestants, one of them will get evicted this week. It seems that this week’s nomination will be an epic show to watch. However, the housemates are sure that it would be Luv and not Puneesh and Bandgi who will walk out of the house this weekend since he has not been contributing much to the content of the controversial show. Often, he has been addressed as a puppet in Hina’s hands. Do you agree with the contestants?

However, at the end of the day, Bigg Boss is a show full of surprises and controversies. It is hard to predict now on who will move out of the house, but it seems like if anyone between Puneesh and Bandagi is out of the show, the only couple in the show will get demolished.

Let’s wait till Sunday for the verdict to go on air. Are you excited for the result?


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Joydev Mishra


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