Television’s most rotten mouthed, “rondu” and dramatic husband has taken his leave from the idiot box. Bhakhtiyar Irani has voluntarily quit the reality show Bigg Boss 3.

In a surprising turn of events, Bigg Boss had sent into the house a briefcase with cash worth Rs. 10 lakhs in it. All the four finalists were given a choice to take the money and quit the show voluntarily, if they felt that they could not win. As expected, Vindu Dara Singh was the first one to refuse the offer. Vindu is not only a hot favorite for wining the show but is also rich enough to throw away the “cash to quit” offer. Pravesh Rana was next to turn down the lucrative offer since he is also quite popular. Poonam Dhillon has always talked about creating history by becoming the first woman to win the show. So it wasn’t surprising that she also refused the offer.

But Bhakhtiyar surprised everyone by saying that he would like to consider the offer. Though Bhakhtiyar is a reality show veteran, he has not won even a single of the 14 shows he has appeared in. Maybe this is the reason why he felt that his chances of winning this one were also slim. His instinctive feeling was to take the money and quit. After thinking about this for a couple of hours, finally he decided to go for the cash-to-quit offer. His prime reason was that it was better to take the money and leave rather than stand on the stage like an extra, clapping for the winner. Well said! His urge to meet his family was also a factor that lead to his decision.

Bhakhtiar remains unknown to everyone till date. We do not really know what kind of a person he is. He seemed to be the “angry young man” while his wife Tanaz was around. He was always snapping with outbursts of anger. His poor wife was t the receiving end of his foul words and foul temper almost every day. But after she left, he became the “weeping young man” for the next 2 weeks. People began to doubt his sanity when he would pay tributes to all the eliminated contestants (including his wife) as if they were dead! Next came the “mature” phase where he did not get angry. In this phase, Bhakhtiyar only talked about how he wasn’t being real in the house. His tributes continued and so did the weeping!

Finally, all the rona dhona is a thing of the past and we can expect just a little less of insanity in the house for the next 4 days! Cheers to that!

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