Hema Malini is an epitome of beauty and inspiration. A new book is being launched that showcase the real Hema Ji and her stories of success. Author-columnist Ram Kamal Mukherjee has written a new book, showcasing Dream Girl’s incredible journey from an actor, a dancer and filmmaker to a politician. The book hits the stores on her 69th birthday this October.

Billed as an authorized biography, ‘Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl’ is confined by author-columnist Ram Kamal Mukherjee and is published by HarperCollins India. During the book launch publisher HarperCollins India said in an interview that “In an industry where the male star has always driven the commercial success of films, Hema Malini was an exception, her name alone was sufficing to ensure a film’s box-office glory.”

Beyond Dream girl is a book that shows us the journey that Hema Malini has covered in various sectors from entertainment business to become a successful politician. It is very challenging to step up into new fields and excel but Hema Ji has done the impossible possible.

One of the most enduring divas of Hindi cinema, a producer and director for films and television, dancer and choreographer par excellence, magazine editor, an active Member of Parliament and now a singer, Hema Malini wears many hats with admirable ease. The book is on her journey from her beginning days till now.

The book will surely break many records. Get your own and read the fascinating journey of Hema Malini.

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