Hello ladies and gentle… well, ladies! Happy International Women’s Day!

Ever wondered why the address always says gentlemen and not gentle ladies?

That’s because ladies don’t need to be categorized as ‘gentle’ and non-gentle! We are all gentle!

So, what exactly is this International Women’s Day? A day when all the women on planet earth celebrate being a woman? Wrong! It’s a day when all the women on this planet celebrate ‘being proud to be a woman’!

So, are you proud to be a woman? Silly question… of course you are! Or why would you be here, reading this article anyway!

You know you are better a manager… you know you have the ‘gift of God’ to create life… you also know that you have a stronger emotional side that helps you fight through all the life’s difficulties. But apart from these obvious reasons, there are many more small-little things that come to you so naturally, but any other beings (read men) can’t even come close to these qualities! Here’s a small list of these little things…

• When we see a ‘caution’ sign, we know it’s a ‘caution’ sign and carefully avoid it. While men see it as an opportunity to get some broken bones!

• On our first date, we observe how the man talks, eats and behaves, while the man testes himself on how much he can speak extemporary on the injustice done to the Indian Cricket Team.

• We can stand to be wrong, while they can only stand to have ‘misunderstood’ the same thing some 100+nth times!

• They tend to get late for office everyday because we use the bathroom for al long as 45 seconds. So, to make up for the delay, they (we assume) start their work in the bathroom itself and take another two hours!

• We share our feelings with them in the hospital. They (being strong) ‘stay calm’ until someone notices that the chair they are sitting in is all wet!

• We love to show our love for them, all the time. They love to show their love to us all the time, till we say ‘yes’!

There are hundreds and thousands of such little things that make us what we are… women. You too must have noticed them all the time. On this special day, share them with all the other memsaabs. Simply, drop in your comment and celebrate the International Women’s Day with thousands of proud memsaabs across the country!

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