They are born with a silver ladle in the mouth. We envy them when we see their pictures all over the media. We envy their holidays in Switzerland and London. Meet the new generation of celebrity kids in India. The media has never hounded celebrity kids like it does now. If Tamiur Ali Khan sits in his balcony, the whole world is sure to find out within the next couple of hours. If Misha Kapoor gets her ears pierced, this becomes important news to be flashed all over the media.

It might be irritating or possibly amusing for us. But how do these kids feel about being in the media glare all the time? The kids like Misha and Taimur who are not even a year old are seen everywhere everyday. They are celebrities themselves, well known in almost every household. They will probably never know a different life. Being hounded by the paparazzi will be a way of life for these kids.

Though this life has so many perks attached, it does seem like a difficult one. Imagine – never being able to step out without security. Imagine a life where you are constantly followed by a group of people holding cameras and microphones. Imagine not being able to play in the park or on the streets like other “normal” children. It is a tough life indeed!


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