Nobody seems to accept the poor guy who thought he was blessed with the face of a superstar!

First, the over hyped movie, Love Story 2050 fell flat on the box office. The cute-looking boy-next-door Imran Khan completely overshadowed the wanna-be-stud!

Then, his lovely lady love kissed him goodbye!

Priyanka Chopra, the sexy lady who had given a big hit with Hrithik Roshan could not repeat the amazing onscreen chemistry with his look-alike, Harman Baweja, who also happened to be her BOYFRIEND! Can you beat that?

Though Harman managed to do some incredible foot tapping in the movie, his sensational acting gave the audiences a tough time differentiating him from his co-stars: The Robots!

Her fans still wonder why the hot and successful actress chose the debutant actor anyway! Maybe she thought that if he was lucky enough to look like Hrithik Roshan, he will be lucky enough to replicate Hrithik’s success too!

Nevertheless, life has been quite unfair on this guy. One blow at the box office and ba-bye to the rising star!

Miss Priyanka was never really open to the media about her relationship with Harman. Maybe she was waiting for the Sahi Waqt to arrive, when Harman would have made it as big as her in Bollywood. After all, even the well-established actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan waited for Abhishek Bachchan to make a mark in Bollywood before they made the pomp and show of their relationship!

Sadly, this never happened to Baweja. He was rejected by Bollywood before he could take his next step into the buzz world!

Now, instead of giving him a shoulder to cry, Priyanka is busy contemplating other options. Oh no, not of boyfriends. Of Hollywood movies from where she has been receiving quite a few offers lately.

All the best Priyanka. Hope, no one leaves you in the majhdhaar like this, in your rainy days!

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