Latino actress Barbara Mori is leaving India a disappointed woman. Her film Kites with heart throb Hritik Roshan has failed to excite the audiences. The response to “Kites” has been so lackluster in India, that it has been called “torturous” by many people who have sat through the film. Somehow the film has not been able to live up to the hype created around it.

Kites is easily one of the most eagerly awaited films in Bollywood. It has been talked about and written about so much (even before its release) that audiences were expecting a mother-of-all-entertainers kind of movie. But the film has disappointed in many ways.

First of all, the film is 90% in Spanish and English, with subtitles in Hindi. Now why would a Bollywood fan watch a Hritik Roshan film in Spanish? Do you think it’s weird? Barbara doesn’t. She says, “The problem IS what the film is about. Kites is about two people who cannot understand each other. She’s from Mexico and doesn’t speak English. He’s from India and he doesn’t speak Spanish. And they fall in love. My brother thinks it is my best film to date. Friends in New York enjoyed it too.”

When the failure of her Bollywood debut was mentioned, Barbara was quick to jump to the film’s defence. ”It’s a little different from Bollywood films. Kites has got a lot of Hollywood mixed with Mexican culture and then packaged in Bollywood. It’s a different experience.”

Now the failure of Kites is not the only reason why Barbara is upset. She is very disappointed because she has not been able to visit the Taj Mahal even though she has spent quite some time in India. Now why is that disappointing Mori ji? If visiting the Taj meant so much to you, why didn’t you?

Barbara hopes to come back to India to act in her second Bollywood film. We don’t know if she has an offer in hand. Considering the failure of Kites, offers won’t exactly be raining on Barbara now!

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