Once again, India evicted a common man from the Bigg Boss 10 house last weekend. Naveen Prakash, aka Master – as his friends called him in the house, was evicted on Sunday evening. In an interview after his eviction, Naveen clearly said that Bani is the most selfish housemate. He said, “Bani is self-centered. She doesn’t deserve to be on the show. Bani shouldn’t be there inside the house, because throughout 26 days, a lot of her selfishness was seen. She is self-centered. Not once did she ask anyone, be it celebs or commoners, if they want tea or if they had their meals or if they were in stress, I never saw her caring for anybody.”

One might argue that the housemates are in the house to win, not to make friends or care for people. That is perfectly fine. But what we as audience see in Bani is a bored, couldn’t care lesser, superiority complex laced attitude, and it is a big put off. The first two weeks Bani was as invisible as Rahul. After earning some brickbats from Salman Khan, Bani decided to grace us with a few moments of her action. But she is far from entertaining. She comes across as being very mean, uncouth and ill-mannered every time she appears on the scene.

People who have ever watched MTV Roadies, know Bani from her association with that show. We always thought of her as a strong person who was competitive but fair. What we see now is someone who is rarely bothered about the tasks. When she does seem to be bothered, she uses unfair means to win and cries foul when she loses. Are you also as disappointed with her as the housemates themselves are?

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