When the central character of a TV serial meets with an accident (or an attempt on her life), what do you expect to happen? Most people would expect a new “coma” track, where the character is taken off for a while. Very few people expect the character to be bumped off as dead, and even if that happens- don’t they always come back? But the rules of the game are set to change!

Last week, Colors began telecasting promos of a particular episode wherein Anandi, the central character of Ballika Vadhu is shot. The audience has been in a tizzy since then, wondering if the most loved “bahu” on the telly these days would survive or go into a coma. But the producers have suprised everyone by pronouncing the little lady as dead yesterday. “She is no more”!

Little did Avika Gor imagine her popularity when she signed on as “Anandi” almost 2 years ago. The TV channel Colors was in fact launched with Ballika Vadhu as its flagship show and it has always been the highest TRP generator for the channel. This show overtook all the long running TV shows and singlehandedly threw Ekta Kapoor off the TV serial map. It changed the face of Indian television. The famous “saas bahu” sagas were replaced with fresh “kid-based” shows across all the channels in a “me too” attempt. The credit goes to little Avika and the character Anandi, whose sweet little smile has won over many hearts.

This is one show that has been liked by people of all ages and still holds the highest TRPs. The sad story of a poor little girl who is married off at an early age into a very rich family, has tugged at many hearts. Dadi-sa’s tough and old fashioned stance on everything, ma-sa’s love, Jagdish’s payfullness- everything has been delivered perfectly by the writers and the cast. But the question on everyone’s minds is What Now?

Sources reveal that Avika has expressed a desire to exit from the show, which is why her character has been killed. There was speculation about a coma track, so as to give Avika free time to focus on her real life studies etc. But seemingly, Avika is quite sure she wants to exit so Anandi has to die. Obviously the show has to now focus on other characters and tracks, so that the audience can gradually forget Anandi. There is also a rumor that Avika may be replaced by Sparsh Khanchandani, the little Ichcha of Uttaran.

Did you know that Sparsh has been felicitated as a Young Achiever at the Gr8 Women Awards. Other recipients include Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Saroj Khan and Asha Parekh. Avika had also been given the same award last year. Now it remains to be seen if Sparsh will really step into Avika’s screen shoes or not! Today’s episode is bound to be heart wrenching with loads of tears and screams from every quarter as the news of Anandi’s death is broken to the family. Undoubtedly, many a tear will be shed from the audience’s eyes as well, who had grown to love little Anandi in the last two years. Hopefully the producers have a good plan in place to combat this loss. Even though this is a death in a story, it will affect many real life people in many ways.

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