After years of battling his competitors, King Khan has decided to hand down the title of “Biggest Superstar” to other Khans. Everyone knows that Shahrukh Khan is one of the most loved actors in Bollywood. He has, in fact, ruled the industry as a King for more than a decade. But the King is now ready to accept that he is no longer the occupant of this throne. SRK has passed the crown of Bollywood to his contemporaries, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.

Recently, SRK made an appearance on Koffee With Karan, where he spoke at length about his friends, colleagues, competitors and the Numero Uno position that he has held for many years. One particularly interesting statement was that he needs to grow up as his contemporaries Aamir and Salman have. On the face of it, this sounds like a candid admision of SRK’s own immaturity. But if you look deeper, it seems to be a toungue-in-cheek comment about the fact that he is a few years junior to the other Khans who entered the industry a few years before he did.

Laying to rest all the controversies of a war between SRK and Aamir, King Khan said, “I am not and can never be as big a star and actor like Salman or Aamir. I would like to grow up to be like them one day.” After having seen success go towards his competitors, Shahrukh has probably realised that it is wise to concede defeat temporarily. It won’t be surprising if we saw SRK in his Numero Uno position pretty soon. The audience has a lot of expectations from Ra 1 as well as Don 2. Farhan and SRK did a super job in Don 1 and expectations are very high from the sequel. It is also reported that SRK has left nothing to chance for his home production Ra 1. It is being touted as the most expensive film, with very good special effects. There is little that can go wrong with this one.

Aamir & Shahrukh have been passing snide comments about each other for many years now. SRK has often passed witty comments about Aamir’s height (or lack of it) and Aamir has also shown his own character by making “doggy” comments about SRK. Their rivalry has been the butt of many jokes. This rivalry hit an all-time high recently when news surfaced about both A-listers signing International projects with basic storyline of the city of Mumbai. On one hand, Danny “Slumdog” Boyle has signed Shahrukh for his “Maximum City”. On the other hand, Aamir has joined hands with Anubhav Sinha for “Extreme City”. If there is anything maximum or extreme, it’s their rivalry.

It may seem like SRK is ready to hand down the crown to the other Khans, but really, is he?

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