Finally the wait ends. Ashutosh Kaushik has won the reality show Bigg Boss Season 2. The young lad from Saharanpur has once again managed to surprise everyone by winning a show that boasted of many high profile and controversial people. In the jumbo finale, all the contestants of the show made an appearance amidst much fanfare. What’s more, the junta got to watch the jumbo star Akshay Kumar as well.

Ashutosh, Raja and Zulfi were the final three contestants of the show after Rahul Mahajan asked for voluntary eviction. Probably this decision of Rahul finally swung the game into Ashu’s waiting hands.

While the supporters of Raja are taking pride in the fact that this was just a “sympathy win” for Ashu, there might be more to it than just sympathy. Let us not forget that Ashutosh has already won the MTV Roadies 5.0. As everyone knows, Roadies is only for the tough. In both of these stressful-environment shows, Ashutosh has displayed exemplary calm and mental strength.

People love him for his whacky sense of humor and connect with him for his humble beginnings. Rahul Mahajan and Raja Chaudhary have both gone on record saying that they wanted Ashutosh to win the show because he needed the money. In fact, before exiting Rahul asked Raja who should he support. In a very magnanimous attitude, Raja immediately asked him to vote for Ashu. I wonder why did they give away the Bade Dilwala Award to Rahul! Raja is really the “dil ka raja” guy!

There seems to be a general feeling that Raja Chaudhary deserved to win the show, but Ashutosh Kaushik needed to win the show. Now that Ashu has won, he gets to take home a cool Rs. 1 crore. Rahul Roy, the winner of the previous season informed us that the prize money of 1 crore is after deducting the taxes. This means that if Endemol sticks to the same policy, there won’t be any taxmen gunning for Ashu’s “ek crore”.

Though the prize money matters a lot for most people, there are other benefits that will accrue to all the contestants on the show. Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi have already signed a couple of films and reality shows. Even Rahul Mahajan has received acting offers! There is no doubt that a bright and shining future awaits the multi-talented Raja Chaudhary and the guy with the winning streak, Ashutosh Kaushik.

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