Arnab Goswami, the founding member of Republic TV, announced his resignation from the Editors’ Guild of India on TV. While conducting a panel discussion on the mob assassinating of two sadhus and their driver at Palghar in Mumbai, Gowasmi thumped the president of the organization Shekhar Gupta for not speaking up against the horrific incident and “destroying the remaining credibility” of the organization.

Speaking against Gupta, Goswami said, “I would say, Shekhar Gupta you hear it from me first. Whatever remaining credibility of the Editors’ Guild of India had been there, it has now been destroyed by its abject silence.”

“The Editors’ Guild of India has become a self-serving organisation. And I hereby on live television resign. Listen to me. I’ve been a member of the Editors’ Guild of India for a long time. I hereby on live television resign from the Editors’ Guild of India for its absolute compromise with its editorial ethics,” he added.

Goswami also alleged the Editors Guild of India as a ‘group of has-beens’ and for becoming a self-serving organization. The Editors Guild was initiated in 1978 with the twin objectives of protecting press freedom and for raising the values of editorial leadership of newspapers and magazines.


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