Armaan Kohli was evicted from the Bigg Boss house yesterday. Last week was supposed to be a no-elimination week. We knew there wasn’t going to be any elimination, you knew it, the producers knew it – but the housemates did not!

So from amongst the nominated housemates, Armaan Kohli was evicted, taken out of the house, blindfolded, and taken to a different part of the set. As done in previous seasons too, Armaan will be housed in a different part of the set for a few days and shall be able to watch live feed of the main Bigg Boss house. He shall get to see the reactions of his former housemates live, and shall be able to know who are his real friends and who are fake ones. Should be ineteresting to see his behaviour and reactions when he  is taken back to the main house, don’t you think?

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