Isn’t Padduram a really funny and weird name for a person? Or even for a movie? Imagine, The Farter!!!

We all like to pretend that farting doesn’t exist. When it happens, we are embarrassed and may laugh nervously. But as a society, we deliberately push flatulence under the carpet and try to make the world a cleaner place. But now, this subject has caught the fancy of a film maker in Bollywood.

Padduram is the story of a little boy who has an embarrassing “gassy” problem. Darsheel Safary of TZP fame is all set to play The Farter. Suresh Menon and Juhi Parmar will play the parents of the Padduram in this film.

Juhi is very excited to make her debut on the Big Screen with “Padduram”. After having played various roles on Indian and Pakistani Television, and a host of Reality/Comedy shows, Juhi is happy to be doing something different. In her own words, “Film conveys a message across to the audience that such problems have to be dealt with immense sensitivity especially when it’s concerning a child.”

If you think this will be one funny movie will loads of jokes about the farting, you are right. But more than that, this will also be an emotional film. The story will show different aspects of the flatulence problem and how it affects the child. The film will deal with the sensitive issue of “Poo” and perhaps, show a better way of handling the situation. But emotional or not, kids can definitely expect to laugh in the cinema halls!

Arshad “Circuit” Warsi was supposed to do a cameo for the final scenes of the movie. But we have heard that he had to back out at the last moment and the Producer Ajay Monga is now looking for a replacement. “Padduram” is being seen as a children’s movie. But it has valuable lessons for children, parents, teachers and the society as a whole.

It seems that Darsheel will now become the Brand Ambassador for all kids with unique problems. From Dyslexia to Flatulance, this kid has done it all!

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