Thousands of women work at various levels in the corporate Indian setup. But when it comes to downsizing, only a handful few will be able to retain their jobs. When it is time to hand out pink slips, women as a group are an easy target. Though this can be seen from a “sexual discrimination” point of view, the fact remains that even today, women are perceived to be less capable than men.

Talking of perceptions, how are YOU perceived in your organization?

Are You Considered A Useful Resource?

In simple terms, a useful resource is one that the organization would be sorry to lose. So to be considered a useful resource, you would have to be perceived as very talented, skilled, qualified and experienced. Are you?

Here are a few questions that will help you in finding out whether or not you are considered a useful resource within your organization.

– Do you work noticeably harder/longer than your co-workers?
– Do you often come up with innovative ideas for cost-cutting, sales improvement etc?
– Do you mingle with the who’s who in the organization?
– Do you network widely within your company and within the industry?
– Do you often help your co-workers and subordinates with their work?
– Do your superiors depend on you to execute any project/plan within constraints of time and resources?
– Do you display “out-of-the-box” thinking?
– Do you stretch limits to find solutions to the problems at work?
– What do you usually take to your superiors, problems or solutions?
– Are you willing to delegate responsibilities to your subordinates?
– Do you firmly stick to activities laid out in your job description?
– Do you take responsibility for your career success only, or do you feel responsible for the careers of your subordinates also?
– Do you take responsibility for your mistakes and wrong decisions? Or do you look for someone to blame them on?
– Do you REACT to situations or would you call yourself PROACTIVE?
– Would you say you contribute significantly to your organization’s bottom line?
– Do you work within the limits of what is considered normal and the done thing? Or do you take harsh decisions based on your personal convictions?

Your answers to these questions will help you in getting an insight into your value as an employee. These questions can also serve as guidelines for you to increase your worth in your organization. Good Luck!

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