It should not happen, but somehow invariably it happens time and again. A good film with good content, superlative performances and great direction loses out to a more commercially viable, dumb movie which has expensively shot scenes, foreign locales, good looking leads and very average direction. This week, it happened with Haider and Bang Bang. Bang Bang has outpaced Haider at the box office by a huge margin. So, why does a good movie such as Haider lose out to a mediocre remake hash called Bang Bang?

This was a perfect weekend for movie-makers. Four days of continuous holidays means big bucks at the Box office and hence the release of Bang Bang was timed to perfection. A great looking star cast in Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, some nice songs shot at exotic locales, action shots that rival those of Hollywood, car-chases, and what-have-you! Compare this to the dark and depressing Haider, a story of revenge, an adaption of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, the direction of the incomparable Vishal Bharadwaj and performances from Tabu, Shahid, Irfaan Khan.

The audiences chose to go and watch the dumb Bang Bang even though critics panned the movie and did not give it anything above two stars. It is time we asked ourselves – Are We Dumb As A Movie Audience?



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