Meet Vivek Mishra, the latest entry to the circus that is housed in the Bigg Boss house this year! If you are wondering why you don’t recognize this celebrity, then it’s only because he’s not really a celebrity. Vivek’s only claim to fame is an accusation that Raja Chaudhary tried to rape him! Remember Raja, the most loved, and most hated Bigg Boss contestant of all times? Apparently, Vivek had lodged an official complaint against Raja in the past, and this is why he is in the show! 

Vivek is a Yoga teacher and a model. Sure, his skinny babyish body will cause you to doubt this claim, but we are told he is a model, who specializes in nude-yoga. Looks like Bigg Boss so desperate to get some TRPs that now they are looking out for anyone who’s had a bit of controversy in their lives!

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Lavanya Mehra


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