Everyone knows what Rakhi Ka Swayamvar has done for NDTV Imagine. Rakhi ji got the channel its highest TRPs ever! Farhan Akhtar couldn’t do it. SRK’s Knights and Angels couldn’t get the TRPs. But controversy queen Rakhi proved yet again that she is Reality TV Queen, without a shadow of doubt.

This success has brought the channel into the forefront, in the list of leading TV Channels. So it’s not surprising that NDTV Imagine is all set to come out with a Second Season of the Swayamvar. The only difference is that this time it’s no damsel looking for a partner. It’s the Controversy King, “Rahul Mahajan” himself. Why Rahul Mahajan? The answer is quite simple. Rahul mahajan is an interesting man who has led a life full of controversy. Moreover, people just loved his eccentric and sweet nature in Bigg Boss 2.

After the murder of Rahul’s illustrious father Praveen Mahajan, he has always been in the public glare. Days after his father’s death, Rahul self-administered an overdose of Heroin and landed in a hospital. His friend, who was also his late father’s aide, lost his life in the same drug overdose incident. This was followed by a hasty marriage, and a hastier divorce. These incidents tarnished Rahul’s image in the public eye and seemingly ruined his chances of a political career forever. But things changed when he appeared in the second season of Bigg Boss. India fell in love with the spoilt “poor little rich boy”!

We watched him following fellow contestant Payal Rohatgi around the Bigg Boss house like a little puppy, love shining in his eyes. And then we watched him do a U-Turn as soon as Payal was evicted. Within hours he fell in love with Monica Bedi, whose only claim to fame was her relationship with don Abu Salem. Alas, the romance was short lived. In fact, it did not survive even a single day after the show was wrapped up!

So when such a “divisive” person announces a Swayamvar (or Swayamvadhu?) on National TV, it is bound to get eyeballs. People are already talking about the second season of the hit show. The biggest question everyone is asking is, “Who’d want to marry Rahul Mahajan?” Well, he has led a pretty controversial life so far. But Rahul Mahajan seems to be a really sweet guy, who happens to be insanely rich and has a great political future ahead of him. Rethinking?

The channel has not yet confirmed this news. But Rahul has been seen at the channel’s office a few times. Aditya Bhatt, who had conceptualised Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, did admit that the next season might feature Rahul Mahajan. In his words, “From the beginning, the show was supposed to have two seasons — one with Rakhi Sawant and the second with Rahul Mahajan.”

If this show really comes through, NDTV Imagine might be found vying for the Numero Uno slot! And with an interesting show like that, we won’t be complaining…

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