If Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan sounded odd to you, what would you have to say about this: Konkona Sen and Paresh Rawal. Yeah Paresh Rawal!

Director, Sanjay Chhel is making a romantic comedy that is named Fantastic; and living up to the name, it has a fantastic cast with Konkona Sen starred opposite Paresh Rawal!

It seems odd pairs are in. Maybe that’s why everyone is trying to catch the viewers’ eye by casting odd couples. The trend started by Nishabd, and taken into a romantic domain by Chini Kum, will now be given a comic angle by .

Paresh Rawal has already showcased his romantic side in Mere Baap Pehle Aap. Not to forget, the cute Black & White number, Kyu Aage Peechhe Dolte Ho… in Golmaal.

Paresh has certainly established himself as an outstanding comedian with performances like babu bhaiya. Konkona is also, no doubt, one of the finest female talents in Bollywood. Imagine the outcome when the two brilliant actors come together! What more can a viewer ask for?

And if your ears are still itching to hear more about this Fantastic film, this is what the Director has to say:

“Yes, Konkona will be playing a role of a typical woman from today’s society. She also gets to play opposite Rahul Khanna, a millionaire in the movie along with Javed Jaffrey. A prominent role is captured by Neha Dhupia too. The movie is a romantic comedy”.

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