Sonam and Anand got married on 8th May after being in a relationship for about 2 years. The couple resumed their work just after two days after they got married.

Soon after her bridal day, Sonam took it to her social media account to change her name from Sonam Kapoor to Sonam K Ahuja. And the internet goers were quick to notice the same and started questioning her decision to take her husband’s surname and even questioned her ‘feminism’. Amongst the entire buzz that was going on over the actress’ decision of changing her surname, Sonam’s hubby, Anand too took it to his social media on Thursday to change his name from ‘Anand Ahuja’ to ‘Anand S Ahuja’on social media.

Even Sonam couldn’t control her sentiments on seeing him change his name on social media and took it to her Instagram account and shared, “This is why he’s the man’. Though, the actress deleted the post later. Well, that’s indeed delectable. We must say that Sonam is lucky to have got such a smitten husband like Anand.

Anand is undoubtedly breaking all the stereotypes by changing his name after marriage on social media. We hope that the couple stays strong together forever.

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Joydev Mishra


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