This year he Bigg Boss house has not been quiet or boring for even a day yet! There is new drama, fights and nautanki everyday. After around 2 months in Bigg Boss house, the housemates still can’t decide which team they are on. The groups remain fluid and people keep switching groups as they see some benefit in doing so. This must be why Aakash stood up for Hina when he thought Arshi and Shilpa made comments about the former. Nobody takes this guy seriously and he is considered to be mad both inside and outside the house. But why did the fans jump to similar conclusions about a particular conversation?

After the recent swimming pool episode, Arshi Khan made a casual comment about how people had tanned while in the pool. Hina immediately retorted as if she was being targettd, and this is when Aakash stood up for her, and even Hina’s fans started tweeting about this racist comment. Here is the whole conversation:

Arshi: Arey in logo ke colour ko kya hogaya? Kaale pad gaye yeh log toh!

Hina Khan: Hum toh pehle se hi kaale hai

Shilpa Shinde: Pehle se kaale log kaise kaale ho saktey hai?

Akash: Nahi start kar.

Arshi: Aye, udhar kaala hua hai, zyada paagal ho raha hai kya? Tu kya bol raha hai, tumne bhi toh Vikas ko bola.

Akash: Oye start karna hai toh bol.

Arshi: Kya start karna hai? Tumne bhi toh bola na Vikas ko colour down ho raha hai?

Shilpa: Aur start tum karoge kya humesha?

Arshi: Yeh dhamka raha hai kya? Uska colour hua dark toh kya bole? Nahi matlab Hina ke taraf gaya toh tumhe kyu buraa laga? 

Do you think Arshi Khan intended this as a racist comment against Hina? Should Hina be screaming racism when she herself has fat-shamed and slut-shamed other contestants in the house???



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Lavanya Mehra


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