Hrithik Roshan is one of the best actors of our nation. The actor is very devoted towards his art and has shown some tremendous change when it comes to body transformation and mastering any particular skill. As per the latest buzz, Hrithik Roshan went from Super 30’s Anand Kumar to War’s Kabir in just two months.

In order to fit into the character of Anand, Hrithik needed to transform his physical appearance. He let go of his six-pack physique and even had to put on weight to suit the character’s transition from a young man to a middle-aged adult. War, however, is entirely different from Super 30, and the actor had just about two months to bodily prepare for the role of Kabir, a chiselled ex-cop.

Speaking about the body transformation, Hrithik said, “The biggest war of life has clearly been completing the film War. After Super 30, the fat content of my body was too much. My body had become lazy and I was given only two months to get in shape and it wasn’t enough. I started this film on a bit of a back foot because my body was not ready.”

After depicting the character of mathematician Anand Kumar in the nonfiction film Super 30, Hrithik Roshan major transformation for the action thriller War is commendable.


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